"Boukas is an American who succeeds in reproducing Brazilian rhythms on the guitar as if he had been born in Brazil. His virtuosity on the guitar is matched by the vocal lines that he invents–always accompanied by challenging harmonies, beautiful melodies, contagious rhythms and impassioned improvisations."




“Few nylon-string guitarists outside Brazil navigate the technical challenges and capture the spirit of Brazilian music with the elan that Richard Boukas demonstrates. His ability to navigate his instrument harmonically and rhythmically through the twists and turns of this infectious, complex music is uncanny and breathtaking.”

Acoustic Guitar

“Boukas is an acoustic guitarist who fell head-over-heels for Brazilian music years ago and hasn’t looked back. The results are unrelentingly beautiful, delivered with an unmistakable earnestness."

Jazz Times

Boukas is an excellent guitarist. While all of his compositions have a stylistic basis in traditional Brazilian popular music, they reflect his own more complex artistic sensibility. Perhaps this is nova brasilidade, in the same spirit as Piazzola's tango nuevo."

The Clarinet
International Clarinet Association