Artist Residencies

Richard Boukas has presented educator residencies at universities, seminars and festivals throughout the U.S., Canada and Brazil.

As many of today's music institutions are multi-disciplinary (offering programs in jazz and classical performance, theory, composition and ethnomusicology), Boukas's diverse and extensive experience in all these areas qualifies him to present exceptional and innovative lectures, workshops, performances, compositions and curricular models that transcend stylistic boundaries and synergize traditions.

His residencies thereby equip students in any musical discipline with universal tools to create and understand music via an integration of intuitive, sonic, emotional, technical and theoretical terms. 

His own professional ENSEMBLES and COMPOSITIONS are a direct expression of these stylistic convergences.

Read a selection of EDUCATOR TESTIMONIALS where Boukas has presented residencies.

Peruse a representative list of TOPICS FOR CLINICS AND LECTURES.
New School Brazilian Jazz Ensemble performing program "Viva Hermeto".

New School Brazilian Jazz Ensemble performing program "Viva Hermeto".

Debut CD of Diálogos Duo featuring Louis Arques and Richard Boukas.

Debut CD of Diálogos Duo featuring Louis Arques and Richard Boukas.

Boukas has been a key faculty member of New School University Jazz and Contemporary Music (NYC) since 1995, New York Jazz Workshop since 2015 and former faculty at Mannes College and William Paterson University.

Internationally recognized as a major exponent and expert in Brazilian music, his two highly significant ensembles which he founded and directed at New School are:

New School Brazilian Choro Ensemble
New School Brazilian Jazz Ensemble

Special Repertoire Concert Projects include:

Viva Hermeto!
Música Mineira Project
Pixinguinha and Contemporaries
Ernesto Nazareth 150th Birthday Celebration
Queens College Year of Brazil

View a comprehensive lecture (in fourteen segments) on the Music of Hermeto Pascoal.

Residency Types

Residencies can be of three basic types:


For residencies involving additional ensemble artist-educators, there exists the flexible option to engage them for a shorter duration than the central SOLO ARTIST RESIDENCY. This can for example be one or two days including an ensemble concert, masterclass(es), workshops, etc. This allows total residency artist fees to remain reasonable while still offering a broader range of artistic and educational activities.

Residency Roster

Below is a partial roster of universities and special seminars where Richard has presented residencies.

U.S.   Harvard, Cornell, Temple, Cincinnati Conservatory, UConn/New London, Ithaca College, Lamont School of Music/Univ. Denver, Univ. Louisville, Roger Williams College (RI), Haverford College (PA), Carleton College, Mankato State Univ. (MN), Cornish School of the Arts (WA), Univ. AZ/Tucson, Casper College (WY), National Guitar Workshop.

Canada   Univ. Toronto, Humber College

Brazil    Campos do Jordão Festival do Inverno (São Paulo), Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG, Belo Horizonte).

Residency Planning

Artist residencies are custom-designed to support an institution's overall academic mission, artistic goals and specific curricular interests. Residency planning and content is determined by preliminary consultations with department chairs and faculty through a combination of video conferencing, phone conversations and e mail.

The emphasis, scope and duration of a residency can vary considerably.

Residency activities can include the following:

performances, workshops, lectures, master classes, university-wide convocations, symposia, curriculum consultations and private lessons.

Residency Duration can be as concise as two days to as long as two weeks or a month.

A residency is established by a firm commitment from an Anchor Institution
Longer residencies facilitate the engagement of Satellite Institutions and bookings at local performance venues.

The following section outlines the roles of Anchor and Satellite institutions.

Anchor Institution

An Anchor Institution is the primary institution which engages the artist for a minimum of two days of activities.

• Residency days featuring an artist performance at an institutional venue may include up to one additional academic activity.
• Residency days without performances can schedule up to three academic activities.
• The artist honorarium will therefore vary with the number of days and if one of them includes a performance.
• Longer anchor institution residencies result in more cost-effective fees and broader scope of artistic and academic impact.

Once the scope, length and content of the anchor residency have been finalized, a letter of agreement summarizing all terms and activities is prepared and co-signed. This is customarily prepared by the institution and executed by the director/dean or chair of the music program.

Apart from the artist honorarium, the anchor institution is responsible for: 

artist roundtrip airfare and ground transportation to the institution, including travel to and from artist and institution airports, (car rental, gas where applicable)
local transportation from lodgings to and from the institution
lodgings on-campus or at a nearby hotel

Most often, roundtrip airfare tickets are purchased in advance and (where applicable) car rental is arranged by the artist.
At the completion of the residency, artist will provide the institution with an itemized breakdown of all residency-related travel expenses.

Reimbursement by the anchor institution should occur within ten days of receiving the travel expense breakdown, and issued by a second check (separate from the artist honorarium). The reimbursement is not considered or processed as earned income for tax documentation purposes (such as Form 1099).


If an anchor institution assumes an active role in facilitating activities at satellite institutions (see below), such positive efforts are acknowledged by the artist in the form of a workshop or open forum apart from the original residency plan and agreement. This is presented pro bono by the artist. Please note that such additional services do not include performances or private lessons.

Satellite Institutions

When an anchor institution and time period has been established (and confirmed with a preliminary agreement),
Satellite institutions within the region can be contacted to participate.
These are most often one residency day, and each are arranged by separate agreements.

Apart from the artist honorarium, satellite institutions are responsible for:

roundtrip transportation from the anchor institution: airfare or surface transportation (train, bus, car rental, gas stipend)
local transportation from place of lodging to the institution
• lodgings on-campus or at a nearby hotel

Residency Documentation

Arrangements are frequently made in advance to video and/or record some or all of the artist's activities.
Such documentation is intended exclusively for the educational and archival use by the institution and artist, and cannot be monetized or given to a third party for their own use. The artist is permitted to upload streaming video and recording content to their website.

A basic release form containing these provisions is countersigned or appended as a rider to the letter of agreement.

Documentation can be captured either using basic equipment or, in some cases, a more robust engagement of institutional media services towards producing a professional caliber program.

Such an example is Richard Boukas's comprehensive lecture on the Music of Hermeto Pascoal given at Denver University's Lamont School of Music.

Private Study

Based on availability, students attending an anchor or satellite institution can arrange private, semi-private or group instruction with the artist.

Private lessons are conducted outside the terms and obligations of the residency agreement, and compensation is arranged directly between artist and student.

As a courtesy, whenever possible, the institution can provide artist with a teaching space in which to conduct the lessons.

Lessons can be reserved and prepaid in advance by Paypal or arranged once the artist is onsite at the institution. 

Individual students may visit PRIVATE STUDY for more information and lesson topics.

Richard Boukas at New York Jazz Workshop

Richard Boukas at New York Jazz Workshop



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