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There are a number of creative and educational projects in the planning stages. 

DIÁLOGOS DUO is organizing its 2024 and 2025 itineraries, which will feature  premieres of major works and a variety of offerings for their Educational Residencies.


All nine suites / 100 movements are listed by title, genre, tribute, tempo, duration. Each suite is prefaced by a composer description.

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• CHORO TRIBUTES PLAYALONG has been a highly successful resource among  players and educators with clarinet and guitar studios. Available in one ZIP FILE DOWNLOAD, it features panned instrument audio, countoffs, complete scores, composer commentary and user guide.

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International Clarinet Association (ICA)


"Sarau para o Pixinguinha" is the 9th suite composed for Diálogos Duo. 

Consisting of 13 movements, this "virtual soirée" celebrates Pixinguinha's 125th birthday (April 23, 2022). Each legendary "guest" has composed a special piece for the occasion:

Ernesto Nazareth, Anacleto de Medeiros, Patápio Silva, Jacob do Bandolim/Dino Sete Cordas, Garôto, Radamés Gnattali, Paulo Moura, Rafael Rabello, Guinga, Hermeto Pascoal, Yamandu Costa/Renato Borghetti, Hamilton de Holanda.

The Duo has performed various movements from the suite, and is planning the World Premiere for this fall.


• Chopin brasileiro

2024 marks the 175th anniversary of Chopin's passing. Of all Romantic era composers, Chopin had the most profound influence on early nationalist Brazilian music. The valsas of pianist Ernesto Nazareth (1863-1934) are imbued with Chopin's melodic lyricism. Together with influences from the Brazilian modinha and Portuguese fado, the poignant Brazilian sentiment of saudade developed.

Boukas has created numerous Brazilian adaptations of Chopin's works over the last forty years. The current plan is to write a Chopin suite for Diálogos Duo. Select pieces will be performed as they are ready.

SOLO CLARINET and SOLO BASS CLARINET works traversing contemporary Brazilian, jazz and classical styles will be composed in an incremental fashion. These pieces can also include Brazilian percussion.

SOLO CELLO and BASSOON versions of the bass clarinet pieces will also be adapted.

For updates on these new compositions and other musical projects, visit this BLOG and join our Duo E MAIL list. 

• “Vrilles”  was composed by  prolific contemporary composer Curt Cacioppo for Diálogos Duo shortly after the May 5 passing of jazz guitar legend  Jack Wilkins (1944-2023)– a close colleague of Boukas for nearly fifty years. The premiere of the piece will occur late in 2024 or spring of 2025.


• Duo Residencies

The Duo is actively booking educational residencies at universities worldwide. They are presented in three different models: 


Visit the RESIDENCY PAGE for BROCHURE and details.

• Publications

música criativa

I am excited to announce the release of música criativa, Volume 2.

The BOOK (PDF) includes several articles by distinguished Brazilian music professors from Villa-Lobos Institute (UniRio, Rio de Janeiro) in collaboration with Savassi Festival

Based on a live Video Roundtable in 2022 (Portuguese), my article (English) discusses compositional processes I used for the Diálogos Duo suite Choro Tributes.

I have made available (for FREE) two PDF versions of música criativa: the complete publication and my article. Visit the CHORO TRIBUTES SAVASSI page. 

I also include an ADDENDUM covering the eight compositional phases in more depth.




• "Maestro Duda" Clarinet Quartet 
Sopros de Pernambuco
Recife, Brazil

My work for the quartet, "Maestro Duda" is a contrapuntal frevo dedicated to legendary composer Duda (José Ursicino da Silva) celebrating his 85th birthday. The score was hand-delivered to Duda by members of Sopros de PE (see picture).

Listen to their RECORDING of the piece below!


Maestro Duda (Sopros de Pernambuco)

Ecos do morro / Paulinho da Viola 80th birthday tribute

Diálogos Duo CD / Choro Tributes