When Novosel was introduced to the rich genre of Brazilian Choro, he took to the repertoire as if he'd been playing it for years. It ignited a fascinating exploration of how tambura,
guitar and voice could blend Brazilian music with all the abovementioned styles. In this way, the roots of the music remain clear, while achieving new forms that defy traditional stylistic barriers. This exciting collaboration has led to compositions written specifically for the duo, as well as new arrangements of existing original pieces. The duo gave its premiere concert at St. Michael's Church on May 20th, 2012 in New York City.

About tambura

From the smallest high-pitched bisernica (smaller than mandolin) to berde (as big as an acoustic bass), all tambura have four strings tuned in perfect fourths, with the highest string doubled in unison (except for berde). They are played with a large, thick oblong pick, producing a full, clear tone. Novosel plays the A-brac, a middle-register tambura (tuned top-to-bottom: A-E-B-F#) with the high A string doubled. He currently plays a custom 5-string (with a low C#) by acclaimed luthier Stjepan M. Gilg.
from the acclaimed DUO CD and DVD, 

Duo CD "Live at St. Michaels"

Other Live Duo Recordings

CORNELIA ST. CAFÉ    (Concert #2)

1. Gajatucada (Boukas, samba)
2. Sinceramente (Boukas, choro lento)
special guest: Sérgio Galvão, soprano saxophone)
3. Ne Si Go Prodovaj Koljo Ciflikot 
    (trad. Macedonian, arr. Novosel)
4. Samba pr'o Sérgio (Boukas, samba)
    (dedicated to Sérgio Santos)
5. Boukas Baião (Boukas, baião) (free download)
6. Afro-Kolo (Novosel, Balkan 6/8)
7. Chuva no Sertão (Boukas, baião)
8. Padaj Kiso Nemoj Na Konjara (Trad. Croatian)

ST. MICHEALS CHURCH (premiere concert)

 9. Made in France (Bireli Lagrene, valsa)
10. Filip's Choro (Novosel, choro) (free download)
11. Santa Morena (Jacob do Bandolim, valsa)

CORNELIA ST. CAFÉ    (Concert #1)

11. Viva o Rio de Janeiro (Hermeto Pascoal, samba)
12. Kasapsko Oro (trad. Macedonian, arr. Novosel)
13. Montreux (Hermeto Pascoal, ballad)

Novosel-Boukas Duo

The Novosel-Boukas Duo was formed 2012 in New York City. The ensemble's music is a dynamic synergy of Brazilian, Balkan, jazz, gypsy and classical chamber idioms–achieving new forms of expression that defy traditional stylistic barriers. Their collaboration has spawned new compositions, fresh renditions of existing original pieces, modern interpretations of Brazilian classics and Balkan folk music. Boukas (acoustic guitar, vocals, composer) being of Greek descent, the musical connection between him and Croatian-born Novosel was immediate, brimming with creative vitality and a facile language of interaction which leads the music into fresh and unexpected territory. Their debut recording is Live at St. Michaels.

Filip Novosel is a highly acclaimed and innovative virtuoso on the tambura, arguably Croatia's most important professional instrumental tradition. His flowing improvisations, impeccable technique and uncanny ability to synthesize diverse musical influences uniquely positions him to carry his instrument into a deserved international prominence.

Novosel was born in Slavonski-Brod, Croatia. Although he began his formal musical training as a pianist, his interest in tambura was fostered by his father, himself a highly respected player and educator within the tambura community. After completing a rigorous conservatory training including both music performance and theory, he earned a masters degree in music education from the Zagreb Music Academy (his thesis vanguarded tambura techniques in jazz). He and and pianist Petar Ćulibrk soon formed the Novosel & Ćulibrk Duo and Qvartet Corona, the first Croatian jazz ensemble to feature tambura. The quartet performed at the first Avantgarde Jazz Festival in Rovinj as opening act for guitarist George Benson. Novosel performs often with other ensembles and orchestras, including the one hundred-member Croatian Tambura Orchestra as both soloist and arranger. He is also co-leader of Bow vs. Plectrum with bassist Tihomir Hojsak.




Novosel-Boukas Duo News

The Duo released their debut CD and DVD
"Live At St. Michael's" from their return concert at New York City's St. Michael's Church recital hall. The natural acoustics of the hall provide a spacious, exciting ambience for their instruments and vocals.

Containing twelve original compositions including four premieres, the recording is avaliable also in digital format exclusively on this site at the
NEW & PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED subpage of RECORDINGS. You can also click on the CD cover image above.

View the entire concert VIDEO from a single YOUTUBE PLAYLIST PAGE.
Boukas has been a longtime LaBella Strings artist endorsee.
Strings are medium tension LaBella 2001 or 413P polished.

Filip Novosel is an artist endorsee for AER Amplifiers.


Novosel-Boukas Duo News


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