Brazilian Jazz Compositions

Composer Note on Brazilian Jazz Scores

Due to the level of detail in original scores (individual parts for melody, comping/changes, bass/drums, etc) and ensemble instrumentations, the majority of the following Brazilian Jazz pieces cannot be reduced to a simplified "fakebook" music format in one or two staves.

To perform the music as professionally and accurately as possible, complete scores with separate parts is the most practical way to achieve this goal. For those who wish mainly to listen to recordings and use the scores for educator study and analysis, the complete scores edition will suffice.

Pieces with (*) are also adapted for CHAMBER MUSIC ensembles.


Quarteto Moderno (2008-   )
(woodwind, guitar/vocals, bass, drums)

1. Chorizinho  (soprano sax (ss),  choro)*
(dedicated to Hermeto Pascoal)

2. Calico  (tenor sax (ts), jazz samba, ded. Joe Henderson

3. Frederic Frêvo (ss, frêvo, ded. Frederic Chopin)

4.. Boukas Baião (ts, baião, ded. to Luiz Gonzaga)*

5. Viva O Som! (ts, choro, ded. Hermeto Pascoal)

6. Samba pr'o Sérgio (ss, samba, ded. Sérgio Santos)*

7. Chuva no Sertão (ts, baião, ded. Luiz Gonzaga)

8. Mineiro Mesmo (clarinet (cl) 3/4 samba with maracatu B section, ded. to Toninho Horta)

9. Marcha Radamés (ts, marcha rancho 3/4, ded. Radamés Gnattali)

10. Valsa Azul (duo, cl, ded. Guinga)

11. Gajatucada (ss., samba / 6/8 bembé)

12. Baiãotude (ts),  baião)*

13. Guarânia Coxé  (flute, guarânia in 5/4)*

14. Por do Sol (ts, toada-ballad)* (ded. Guinga)

15. Samba de Volta (ts, samba, ded. Jovino Santos Neto)

16. Sambacatu (ss, samba / maracatu)

17. Frevo Na Praça (ts, frevo, ded. Pixinguinha)

18. Maracatuque (ts, maracatu, ded Jovino Santos Neto)

19. Marchinha da Esperança (cl, marcha rancho, 3/4, ded Itiberê Zwarg)

20. Desafio e Recordação (cl, baião, ded. Hermeto Pascoal)

Boukas - Jovino Santos Neto Duo (1998-2002)

1. ChoroBop (choro)*  (cavaquinho and voice; alternate: ss)

2. Escuridão da Passagem (bossa nova) (voice, guitar; alt: ts)

3. Capricho dos Ventos (valsa) (voice, guitar; alt: flute, ts, ss)

Excerpts of more pieces for the Duo with Jovino Santos Neto can be heard on the main RECORDINGS page, I-Tunes, CD Baby and other third-party music distributors.

Amazôna (1990-94)
(solo instrument/s, voice/s; piano, bass, drums)

1. Atrás de Nós (samba) (vocal w/ Portuguese lyrics; alt: ts, ss)

2. Montunomorphosis (salsa suite) (vocal solo and ensemble)

3. Feiticeiro* (choro) (piccolo, voice; alt: flute, ss, ts)

4. It Might as Well Be Fall (choro) (accordion, guitar; alt: ss)

5. Amazôna (MPB) (vocal w/ English and Portuguese lyrics)

6. Chanson (even-eighth 6/4) (vocal w/ English lyrics; vocal ens.)

PanAmericana Big Band
Gary Morgan, director

Chorizinho for Big Band (2015)  

SCORES of Quarteto Moderno,
Boukas-Santos Neto Duo scores and first two scores from Amazôna are available in spiral-bound collections as follows:

Richard Boukas Brazilian Jazz Works

SCORES of Quarteto Moderno, Boukas-Santos Neto Duo and first two pieces from Amazôna are available in spiral-bound collections as follows:

1. Complete Scores in Concert Key
(for rehearsal and study with recordings) ($60)

2. Lead Instrument(s) Charts in Concert and Bb Keys ($40)

3. Rhythm Section (including comping, bass/drums) ($40)

4. Special Package: When all three bound editions are ordered together, rather than costing $140, a $20 discount is applied ($120)
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PanAmericana Big Band

Chorizinho for Big Band     (Special order only, CONTACT for price)

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PanAmericana Big Band  (2010-   )
Gary Morgan, director and arranger

Chorizinho for Big Band (2010)     (Special order only, CONTACT for price)

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