Chamber Music Compositions

"Boukas is an absolutely amazing man of music- as a composer, a world-class performer and teacher of contemporary Brazilian music. He has completely absorbed this tradition, melding it with contemporary classical idioms to compose a series of pieces in a wholly new and different style. He is poised to receive major international commissions for new works."

Bruce Saylor
faculty, Queens College, Aaron Copland School of Music
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Chamber Music Excerpts

The following audio tracks represent a wide variety of professional acoustic ensembles for which Richard has composed and performed as guitarist and vocalist. He has also presented numerous composer-educator residencies.

Some pieces (or movements from larger works) represent an organic synergy of Brazilian forms, contemporary contrapuntal writing and extended jazz harmonies.

Choro Sinfônia, ChoroBop, Choro Ricercare, and Sinceramente are based in the Brazilian choro tradition, while Trio Nordestino for Marimba, Violoncello and Guitar is rooted in the seminal baião from Brazil's northeast. The String Quartet "O Campeão" dedicated to Brazilian master musician Hermeto Pascoal is featured in the first four excerpts. The work defines its own vocabulary based on the initial materials, from the southern Brazilian guarânia to non-tonal writing.

Scores and parts for these and other works listed on this page are available from the STORE Chamber Music subpage
Established ensembles seeking to publicly perform and/or record a work may contact the composer directly for complementary artist copies.
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Louis Arques and Richard Boukas at debut performance of DIALOGOS BRAZILIAN DUO

Louis Arques and Richard Boukas at debut performance of DIALOGOS BRAZILIAN DUO

La Catrina String Quartet, which recently commissioned Boukas' "Chorizinho" (Track #1 on self-starting audio player).

La Catrina String Quartet, which recently commissioned Boukas' "Chorizinho" (Track #1 on self-starting audio player).

Major works by instrumentation



for Diálogos Brazilian Duo

Uma Dúzia de Choros-Homenagens (A Dozen Choro Tributes) (2018)  (45:00)

Século for Clarinet and Guitar (2018) eight movements (34:00)

Diálogos for Clarinet and Guitar (2017) seven movements (29:00)

Diálogos for Bass Clarinet and Guitar (2017) seven movements (31:00)

Serenata for Violoncello and Guitar (2011)  (4:30)

Marcha das Sombras for Clarinet and Piano (2007)  (5:00)

Intrépido for Tambura and Guitar** (2013)  (6:00)
(composed for Novosel-Boukas Duo)


Trio Nordestino for Marimba, Violoncello and Guitar (2011)  (10:00)

Feiticeiro for Marimba, Violoncello and Guitar (2011)  (8:00)
**also available in versions for Violoncello and Clarinet


Chorizinho for String Quartet**
commissioned by La Catrina String Quartet (2015) (5:24)

String Quartet "O Campeão" (the Champion) (2012)
two movements (15:00)
dedicated to Hermeto Pascoal  
Commissioned by PUBLIQuartet

String Quartet “Choro Sinfônia”  (2004) seven movements
(also available for mandolin quartet)

Embolada for Flute Quartet (2017)  (8:00)

Chorizinho for Guitar Quartet (2015) (6:00)

works commissioned by
Berklee World String Ensemble, Berklee School of Music, Boston

Expansão for String Orchestra (2013)  (6:30)
ChoroBop for Mandolin and String Orchestra (2013)  (5:00)

ChoroBop for Four Winds and Bass (2012) (4:25)
commissioned by Morningside Chamber Ensemble

Pôr do Sol for Flute and String Quartet** (2010)    (6:00)

Jacob Suite for Mandolin Quartet (1995)  
three movements (12:00)
dedicated to Jacob do Bandolim
composed for Modern Mandolin Quartet

(can also be performed as string quartet)

works commissioned by Lamont Saxophone Quartet:

Pôr do Sol for Saxophone Quartet (2008)  (5:00)

Choro Ricercare for Saxophone Quartet (2008)   (6:30)
(also avaliable for mandolin quartet)

Sinceramente for Saxophone Quartet (2008)  (4:00)
(also available for mandolin (requinto) and three guitars)

Baiãotude for Guitar Quartet (2008)   (9:00)
Guarânia Coxé for Flute and Three Guitars (2008)  (6:00)

Choro Bela Época for Flute and Three Guitars (2006)  (6:00)

ChoroBop for Brass Quintet (2002)  (5:00)
(composed for Atlantic Brass Quintet)

ChoroBop for Four Winds and Double Bass (2011)

Scores and parts of the above pieces are now available at the CHAMBER MUSIC SCORE STORE

SCORES are spiral-bound, printed on-demand on 24-lb. paper, with clear plastic front and black leather back for durability.

PARTS (if orderedaccompany scores unbound or are e mailed to purchaser by PDF.

PLEASE NOTE: Parts cannot be sold separately from scores.

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