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If you've arrived from the Jazz Composition Page then you know about the special spiral-bound editions available.

Featuring 30 pieces written between 1975-85, these seminal works represent Boukas's early composing for small combo.
They cover a wide variety of tempos, meters, grooves (swing, even-eighth, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, etc) and forms.

For the first time, jazz professionals, students and educators will soon have access to a special collection of Richard Boukas compositions for small combos. Most of these pieces were written during Richard's earlier years as a jazz bandleader
(1976-86), which was either quartet (saxophone or trumpet, guitar/voice, bass, drums) or guitar trio. The repertoire is ideal for intermediate college and advanced high school level ensembles.

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Richard Boukas Jazz Works for Small Combo
Piece Title           Meter(s) / Rhythmic Groove(s)
Alaquippa Strut medium swing
Autumn Suite 7/4 Afro-Cuban, 6/4 swing
Birthday Ballad jazz ballad
Bittersweet slow 3/4 (guitar trio or 4 voices)
Calico fast jazz samba
Camouflage slow 3/4, triplet feel
Camouflage Revisited samba 3/4, 4/4 B section
Conspiración 6/4 Afro-Cuban, Swing B section
Chanson even-eighth 6/4 (voice w/ lyrics)
Commitment fast swing, guaguancó B section
Embarcadero even-eighth
Fantasie: Pas de Deux ballad 3/4
Fantasie Revisited 3/4 samba
Frankly... medium swing
Frederic Samba even-eighth, slow 3/4
Gajatucada fast samba, 12/8 Afro-Cuban
J.S. (dedicated to Bach) medium 3/4 funk samba, classical even-eighth B
Keep It Loose, Jack medium swing
Last Call jazz ballad
Mitochondria medium up swing (bass unison melody)
Northern Dawn 12/8 Afro-Cuban, 4/4 Swing Bridge
Ontario Moon 6/4 swing (voice with lyrics)
Osmosis medium swing (bass unison melody)
Pier at Sunset jazz ballad
Plars-X uptempo swing
Prince of Hipness medium swing (triplet feel)
The Quiet Monster medium swing (triplet feel)
Sooner for Me.... uptempo swing, mixed meter B section
Twist That Tune medium swing (bass unison melody)
Tragoudi Horikos medium samba / even-eighth

The Jazz Works Collection is available in two separate spiral-bound editions: 

1. Concert score (one, two or three stave format)
2. Bb transposition (one staff, separate horn parts provided)*

* Since the majority of compositions were written for the range of tenor/soprano saxophone, trumpet or voice, Eb transposition of these pieces were not practical to offer.

Preparation of this edition is currently in process, so check back with this store page for updates, or CONTACT Richard and you will be notified when it is available.


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** For Alaska, Hawaii and all International orders, please e mail the vendor for more information PRIOR to processing your order.

All spiral-bound editions are printed on-demand on 24-lb. paper, with clear plastic front and black leather back for durability.

It is a pleasure to share this music with you (and for educators, your colleagues and students as well).
If you have any questions or requests for special orders, just send an e mail on the CONTACT page. The store page will remain open so you can refer to it.


Editions Available

Richard Boukas Jazz Works for Small Combo (Concert)
  • Richard Boukas Jazz Works for Small Combo (Concert)
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A collection of thirty (30) original jazz compositions from Richard Boukas in concert key. The collection draws from the period 1976-86, during which time Boukas was playing either quartet with saxophone (and/or trumpet) or guitar trio. 

Pieces cover a wide stylistic range: mid-60's Blue Note swing, even eighth-note post-fusion, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian roots blended with jazz harmonies and classical idioms. A great resource for jazz educators looking to diversify their repertoire for small combos.

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