Diálogos Duo

Celebrating Seven Years

Front Cover of new Diálogos Duo CD, CHORO TRIBUTES. CLICK PHOTO for REVIEW IN "The Clarinet" magazine.

"The album has many beautiful musical moments of true musicianship between these two wonderful players. The disc is highly recommended!"

CD REVIEW in "The Clarinet"
Int'l Clarinet Assoc. (ICA)


"Choro Tributes"


"Richard Boukas has composed an impressive and prolific body of work for himself and clarinet virtuoso Louis Arques. Having dedicated my career to the art of Duo performance, I know the artistic chemistry required to make exceptional Brazilian music. Arques and Boukas possess this unique connection and a complete command of their cutting-edge repertoire. I am certain that Boukas's present and future works will be a perennial contribution to contemporary clarinet-guitar literature."

Dr. João Luiz Rezende Lopes
Brasil Guitar Duo / Naxos recording artist
Director of Chamber Music
Hunter College of CUNY


Digital Playalong

"These pieces are a great addition to our clarinet repertoire, with the style and compositional intuition of Boukas. His keen attention to harmony, rhythm, balance and style create a unique familiarity within the Choro genre. We owe Boukas a hearty thank you."

The Clarinet


Choro Tributes Playalong Bundle