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Richard has composed music for a wide range of chamber and jazz ensembles, choral groups, solo instrument (guitar, violoncello, woodwinds, marimba). His music synergizes Brazilian, jazz, classical and other idioms, transcending stylistic barriers to achieve new contemporary forms. 

His commissions include these ensembles:

• Sopros de PE (clarinet quartet, Brazil) 
• La Catrina String Quartet
• PUBLIQuartet String Quartet
• Berklee World String Orchestra
• Atlantic Brass Quintet
• Queens College Vocal Ensemble
• Modern Mandolin Quartet
• Lamont Saxophone Quartet
• Joe Carter Duo

Richard is a composer member of: 
Chamber Music America

His dedicated publishing company is:

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Chamber music
Choral Music

Brazilian Jazz
Guitar & Solo instruments

Scores for most pieces are available for sale in spiral-bound hard copy. These include first-time collections dedicated to specific styles and instrumentations. Parts (ex. for Chamber music) are included FREE with score purchases.  

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Richard also teaches private lessons for aspiring composers.




Colleague Commentaries

"Richard Boukas' work as a composer and arranger is impressive! He writes with the broad experience of someone who has Brazil in his blood, with great naturalness and expertise. Beyond his own compositions, his work with the music of Pixinguinha is of fundamental importance, shown through the care and adeptness with which it is crafted."

Pedro Aragão
Professor, Instituto Villa Lobos, UNIRIO
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"If I didn't know Richard Boukas I would certainly think he was a Brazilian from Pernambuco. When playing his works, we observe the refinements of a well-crafted language which has a Brazilian identity extracted with a mastery of our culture.

When listening to the exquisite work of DIÁLOGOS DUO, we have a "Musical Conversation" between Richard Boukas- a daring, pioneering composer and guitarist with a very Brazilian accent- allied with the talented clarinetist Louis Arques who has the Brazilian wind as a trademark in his playing."

Crisóstomo Santos
Professor of Clarinet
Federal Institute of Pernambuco (IFPE)
Sopros de PE Clarinet Quartet
Recife, Brazil


"Boukas is an absolutely amazing man of music- as a composer, a world-class performer and teacher of contemporary Brazilian music. He has completely absorbed this tradition, melding it with contemporary classical idioms to compose major works in a wholly new and different style. He is poised to receive major international commissions for new works."

Bruce Saylor
composer, faculty, Queens College Copland School of Music

"Richard Boukas is indeed a special and individual musician. He plays, writes and feels his music with a unique passion. It might just be because he seems to understand and take joy in that his own is the fruit of so many musics- of which he understands and loves so well. His work is vibrant- full of craft and full of life."

George Tsontakis
composer, faculty, Bard College Conservatory of Music