“Richard Boukas is one of the most impressive musicians I ever had the pleasure of working with. His musical abilities are exceptional, as a guitarist, a singer and a composer. He has one of the keenest ears I know and can hear the music inside the notes anytime. He is also a great educator with the gift of conveying the complexities of Brazilian music to students of all levels. He lives for the music and the music lives through him.”

Jovino Santos Neto
pianist, composer, former member of Hermeto Pascoal Group

“It is very rare to find an American musician who embraces our music and culture with passion and authenticity. Richard Boukas is one of these exceptional artists. His diverse talents as an acoustic guitarist, vocalist and composer lend him an artistic passport into almost any musical situation.”

Paquito D’Rivera 

“His solid grasp of Brazilian music makes him a cultural ambassador through his teachings.”

Romero Lubambo 
guitarist, Trio da Paz

"Richard Boukas has composed an impressive and prolific body of work for Diálogos Duo. Having dedicated my career to the art of Duo performance, I know the artistic chemistry required to make exceptional Brazilian music. Arques and Boukas possess this unique connection and a complete command of their cutting-edge repertoire. I am certain that Boukas's present and future works will be a perennial contribution to contemporary clarinet-guitar literature."

Dr. João Luiz Rezende Lopes
Brasil Guitar Duo / Naxos recording artist
Director of Chamber Music
Hunter College of CUNY

"Richard Boukas is equally as brilliant, prolific, determined and enduring as a guitarist, composer, bandleader and educator. His presentation for our Online Composers Series is generously filled with insights."

Armen Donelian 
co-Director, Hudson Jazzworks

“It is very gratifying to see Brazilian music being taken seriously and represented in great depth outside of Brazil. Especially when it is produced with the artistic sensitivity and creativity of Richard Boukas in collaboration with the talented Louis Arques. On their second album, CHORO TRIBUTES, Diálogos Duo presents a suite of a dozen compositions. They are inspired and thought-provoking pieces that revere historical figures, instruments and styles of great relevance to the world of Choro. Congratulations on another great recording full of beautiful interpretations. Brazil thanks you!”

Dr. Almir Côrtes 

Professor, Villa-Lobos Institute
UNIRIO, Rio de Janeiro
director-arranger, Orchestra of Plucked String Instruments


"If I didn't know Richard Boukas I would certainly think he was a Brazilian from Pernambuco. When playing his works, we observe the refinements of a well-crafted language which has a Brazilian identity imbued with a mastery of our culture. Brazil thanks you for the valuable contribution you are making by taking our sound around the world!!"

Crisóstomo Santos
Professor of Clarinet
Federal Institute of Pernambuco (IFPE)
Sopros de Pernambuco Clarinet Quartet
Recife, Brazil

"The music of Richard Boukas fills a void in a repertoire nearly absent for clarinet and guitar. His extensive knowledge of various Brazilian musical styles and great gift for composing now offers us a broader repertoire of tremendous value."

Alessandro Carbonare
principal clarinetist
Orchestra di Santa Cecilia, Rome
Decca Classics recording artist
Grammy winner